Author Topic: [Guide] Weapon/Ammo Compatibility List  (Read 137 times)


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[Guide] Weapon/Ammo Compatibility List
« on: December 22, 2017, 04:26:24 PM »
Note: The names of the weapons and ammo in the server are based on the names of the weapons and ammo in State of Decay. Weapon/Ammo compatibility complies both with the server and game. Below is the list of server weapons and what ammo they use.

- Weapon: AK47 (Ammo: 7.62mm Rounds)
- Weapon: M16A4 (Ammo: 5.56mm Rounds)
- Weapon: M9 (Ammo: 9mm Rounds)
- Weapon: Suppressor (Ammo: 9mm Rounds)
- Weapon: Condor (Ammo: 50 Cal Rounds)
- Weapon: Ranch King (Ammo: .44 Caliber Rounds)
- Weapon: Model 70 (Ammo: 7.62mm Rounds)
- Weapon: 1300 Hunter (Ammo: Shotgun Shells)
- Weapon: Combat Shotgun (Ammo: Shotgun Shells)
- Weapon: Sawn-off (Ammo: Shotgun Shells)
- Weapon: Uzi (Ammo: 9mm Rounds)
- Weapon: MP5A3 (Ammo: 9mm Rounds)

* Subject to change.
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