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[Hero]Blade - [Score: 820]
« on: June 10, 2019, 05:40:46 AM »
In-game name: [Hero]Blade
Age: 17 (1/2)
Experience: I indeed am very familiar with the server for I've been playing ever since it was "State of Decay: San Fierro", of course it's now called "State of Decay: San Andreas" which I'm very satisfied with the expansion. So I may have experienced in the game but...I'm aware that it's not all you're looking for which if you scroll down below, I'll be detailing my experience in administration and management. Also one more thing, I've been helper for this community before so...wouldn't that be experience and reason to hire me? However, I don't want to use that reason alone so here's my answer to the next question.
Why hire you?(250 WORDS MIN):
Why hire me? It's a very simple question, yet in my opinion, it holds a lot of power. Thus, the answer must be very compelling in terms of acceptance. With a smile drawn on my face I'm glad to begin working with the staff team in order to ensure optimum game-play to my fellow survivors in this zombie apocalyptic world. What I mean by that is you should very much hire me for the sole purpose that I really love helping and it seems to me that the best thing I could ever done is apply because applying for helper position here is a huge opportunity that I'd be ignorant to refuse. However, I'm aware that I'm not perfect or even always accurate so before you make up your mind on denying me, I would like to mention that I'm an experienced developer as well so I understand the criteria's and what it really means to get hired. I've developed organized successful discord servers as well for I've gained a very high amount of members which I'm only stating because I'd like to emphasize my management. I've also lead management teams, scripted in pawn, and if I haven't mentioned...I've been admin in several places before. Anyways, to conclude my reason for hiring me, I'd like to say it would mean a lot to me because that means I would be taking it a step further as a helper because I believe I'm already a helper because I've been helping other members out which doesn't really require a helper tag or role.


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Re: [Hero]Blade - [Score: 820]
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2019, 07:31:15 AM »

Note: Your staff level has been set in-game, report to a Head Admin immediately for training.