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Helper Applications / Vidmantas_Epic Helper app
« Last post by Vidmantas_Epic on June 20, 2019, 10:58:43 PM »
In-game name: Vidmantas_Epic
Your age: 17
Country/timezone: Lituhuania , GMT+3
Experience: Played samp since 2013 , learned a lot of stuff in these past years about samp and other things in general.
Why hire you?(250 WORDS MIN):
Let's begin from fact , that i was "helper/admin" here. Of course i'm not saying , just because you were admin in the past that means , we are going to make easier for you and etc. No i'm not asking for that. But it's true that i have been admin here , and i have more than enough experience here and i know what it feels to be helper , admin. against hackers. Only things that i forgot about being helper/admin is some commands. Other stuff like u always must take recordings before banning , helpers cannot ban , kick or do anything , don't abuse your powers etc etc. I know these things too well.

But if needed to explain why u should hire me again then i don't see a problem after all i'm just a regular player.
You should hire me , because we need more staff members who can be online. Why we need more staff members ? Well primary reason is hackers. Hacking never ends , and it's pain in the ass. But we could decrease hacking by having more staff members like me who could deal/help with hackers/help players. Secondary reason to show people (new - amateur players) that this server cares about people. Staff members are active , they listen to players ( Helpers are perfect for this) and they can show that. This may be un

(Deal with hackers only if i become admin after being a helper !)

Well idk if i need to tell this but i will tell a bit about myself.
Finishing school , going to another school for profession learning , i'm otaku , quiet person/understanding , English 7-8/10. , love playing video games.

I'm quite bad for writing essays for acceptance to staff/job , but i hope this is going to do , and will join on helping the server :)
(303/250 Words)

Player Reports / Re: 3 players report
« Last post by Sychopath on June 20, 2019, 04:49:50 AM »
The proofs you provided of Griffin and Daniel arent strong enough to lead to banning them.
We will try to monitor them just as butching said
Player Reports / Re: Anexad.
« Last post by Sychopath on June 20, 2019, 04:38:49 AM »
Hey ,
The player will be Banned.
Player Reports / Re: Dodik_Fox
« Last post by Sychopath on June 20, 2019, 04:35:44 AM »
Player Reports / Anexad.
« Last post by The_Old on June 20, 2019, 04:35:19 AM »
Username: The_Old
Reported: Anexad_Killer
Reason: Airbreak - God Mode
Player Reports / Re: Rule breaker!
« Last post by Sychopath on June 20, 2019, 04:12:25 AM »
Feature Suggestions / Medicine Update
« Last post by Vidmantas_Epic on June 20, 2019, 01:52:35 AM »
For Discord:

1. Add Report Section , where people could go  to report section and report there (Without proof or with)
Point of this report section is to warn admins (who maybe are online just not in gta sa ) , solve problems.
Players suffer greatly from hackers. And when u don't see admins whole day it's even worse :P

For server:
I want see medical points (Doctors) some sort of update so that more people will go to these points.

1. Let's begin from changing Medkit spawnings. Make medkit not findable only purchasable. Only painkillers can be still found in the world.
2. Redesign Doctor's HUD for buying stuff (not only painkillers)
3. Since now u can buy various medicine you could choose what to buy.
4. Painkillers cost should be reduced to 150 BLA , Medkit cost should be 300 BLA.
5. Any food , and water should only replenish 5% HP instead of 10% HP
6. Add Modafinil (1 Weight) or if you wanna say energy drink. it would restore fatigue (100%) in an instant. It can only be purchasable at doctor's place for 400 BLA (This could be possibly useless thing but imagine u are in combat , your fatigue is at red u can die at any sec now so u cannot just rest in middle of combat ? so u could use this
7. Add body armor for regular players. Players could "BUY" Body armor at doctor places for 1000 BLA (Which only would add 50% if you want 100% buy another body armor)
8. We need more medicine types. Currently we have Foods , water who give 10% HP , we have painkillers who gives 50% HP and medkits. So we need medicine where it could give 25% , 75% HP 0%-75% HP restoring medicine can be found in the world expect medkit which is best medicine.

Random suggestion
1. For every weapon headshot damage should be different. It doesn't make any sense that u can HS with silenced pistol. Like u could headshot a person with silencer but it would do extra damage or something. Instead of instant kill.
This is how i see damage output:
Silencer - 25% more damage when u Headshot
Condor - 75% more damage when u headshot
Ranch King - Instant Headshot
Model 70 - Instant Headshot
AK47 - Instant Headshot (Why ? well bullets are stronger and etc etc. , but most importantly no one uses this ak so D )
M4 - 40% Headshot damage
Im not sure if you can headshot with M9 , UZI , and all shotguns , but if possible then 50% more damage.

Player Reports / Re: Dodik_Fox
« Last post by butching on June 20, 2019, 01:25:16 AM »
Hey there again,
The reported player will be punished accordingly.

Pending forum admin to lock this topic.
Player Reports / Dodik_Fox
« Last post by Vidmantas_Epic on June 20, 2019, 12:58:55 AM »
Username: Vidmantas_Epic
Reported: Dodik_Fox
Reason: Airbreak , Aimbot , possible other hacks as well
Proof: Where he's airbreaking : (if you didn't seen his name well i couldn't see but i  in instant went to players tab and he's only one who's bandit. (look at radar also ! )
Where he's aimbotting :
Extra : Just joined server , immideatly got pm by 2 players that he's aimbotting , flying and etc and well here's the proof.
Player Reports / Re: 3 players report
« Last post by Vidmantas_Epic on June 20, 2019, 12:50:20 AM »
Daniel Colerone is definitely cheating.  your proof?
Problem is i cannot find this person whenever he's online. But i heard many rumors that this guy is just cheating. And so it happens that i found this person.
He just was running around , got in Safe zone stayed there for 2 minutes then died (honestly idk why he ran in with bandit). And when he dropped everything with most the weapons exactly 100 AMMO which only means ammo hack or weapons hack. I had many encounters with this..

Also if you keep attention , he's not wearing any backpacks (He has in inventory large backpack) (But after dying backpack doesn't go to dead body) and he's holding almost all the weapons (Model 70 , combat shotgun , condor ) (with exactly 100 AMMO )

Well about guffin. As i said he probably won't use around admins and if he uses then for one time. Ik there is no proof , but as u said if u can monitor him or how to say put him on the active watching list it would be nice.
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