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What type of features do you want to see in the new Clan System being developed? Currently the planned features are:

1.) You will need 1000+ score minimum to create a clan.
2.) You will need 250+ score minimum to join a clan.
3.) Friendly fire - You won't be able to kill your clan mates.
4.) Warzones - Take-able areas similar to gang zones. (Clans Only)

What else would you like to see? Have something to say about the planned features? Post your thoughts below.

Media Section / Subscribe to my YouTube channel (Weponz)
« on: June 07, 2019, 12:30:16 PM »
Subscribe to my YouTube channel for SA-MP/SOD:SAMP videos and more @

Server Annnouncements / Server Details [IP ADDRESS]
« on: June 05, 2019, 05:50:03 AM » (

* Subject to change.

In-game name:
Your age:
Why hire you?(250 WORDS MIN):

NOTE: Please wait (2) weeks before applying again after being denied.

* Subject to change.

Ban Appeals / Ban Appeal Format - HACKERS DO NOT GET UNBANNED!
« on: June 05, 2019, 05:39:04 AM »
In-game name:
Banning admin:
Banned for:
Your appeal:

* Subject to change.

Server Annnouncements / Script Changelog [UPDATED]
« on: June 05, 2019, 05:23:36 AM »
Code: [Select]
- Map System Added: Over 1300 objects make up the apocalyptic map of San Fierro ranging from burned cars, long grass, rubble, and more.
- Sniper Point System Added: The map is filled with sniper & rooftop attack points making certain areas defendable with help from other players.
- Ladder Point System Added: The map is filled with over 31 ladder points to allow player to access to a large amount of rooftops etc.
- Weapon Point System Added: There are special weapon points found in ammunation interiors and a few other outside locations.
- Health Point System Added: The hospital contains a special Painkillers point, where you can be certain to find painkillers to increase health.
- Gas Point System Added: Each service station on the map includes a Gas Point to allow players to fill up their gas cans to refuel vehicles.
- Water Point System Added: The map contains 9 Water Points to allow players to fill up Empty Water Bottles that can be used for health/thirst.
- Interior System Added: There are 5 global interiors to find and explore throughout the map, including ammunations, club, radio station, & more.
- Vehicle System Added: There are 21 vehicles that can be found and used throughout the map which require fuel and/or repair before use.
- Item System Added: Items can be found all over the map and stay with you if you quit, but you will lose them if you die. (VIPs items save)
- Inventory System Added: When items are collected, they are stored in the players inventory so they can be used at anytime.
- Backpack System Added: Backpacks can be found, including a Small Backpack(6 slots + 20 weight) & Large Backpack(8 slots + 30 weight)
- Survey System Added: Up to 24 towers can be discovered so players can survey the area. Once an area is surveyed the map is revealed.
- Dead Body System Added: Once players & zombies die, their dead bodies can be searched by players allowing them to take any items.
- Hunger/Thirst/Tired System Added: Hunger, Thirst & Tired levels must be topped up by drinking and eating or sitting/laying down.
- User System Added: Players can register accounts which save all their statistics like: kills, deaths, zombie kills, discovered towers and more.
- Admin/Helper System Added: The server contains an admin & helper system allowing staff members to moderate the server and help players.
- VIP System Added: When players donate, they gain special features including: armour on spawn, VIP bag, full weapon skills and more.
- Post System Added: Posts can be discovered all over the map allowing players to claim and use them. Each post contains storage and keys.
- Zombie System Added: The map is infested with zombies who detect and attack players. Beware, as loud noises like gunshots attract them.

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